Guidelines for Using the Correct Steem Logo and Steemit Logo!

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This post is to follow up post @stephenkendal who publish comments from the Steemit Team about the use of the Steemit Logo which I packaged in Indonesian.

The point is that the Steemit Team has allowed us to use the Steemit logo as a promotional medium as long as it is in accordance with the terms and conditions.

This was also my consideration in making the PromoSteem Community logo last night. I really seek this information accurately so that there is no mistake in the future. Me and @arie.steem have argued long enough for the PromoSteem logo to be created perfectly.

So far, we often ignore little things like this, even though this has been discussed before and even when the logo was published there were already rules about using the logo itself. And we often use the Steemit logo or the Steem logo grossly. As long as you take it where it is then plug in your designs or promotional media that we make, such as banners, t-shirts, banners and so on.

First, I will not blame anyone or related parties here, maybe maybe because from the start I don’t know so what people make and we see it seems ‘okay’ then we also follow it.

Second, I only share what has been there so far, but not many people know about this. So whatever I will share below is the official guide that I got from the and websites.

STEEM logo

Some of us may seem indifferent about the Steem logo, that so far what we know about the Steem logo is like the one below:

Yes, it is true that it is the Steem logo and it was also the Steemit logo in the early days. But this logo has been revised and has been replaced with a new logo. I don’t know the exact date, because I haven’t found accurate information on this. But if we look at the Steem 2.0 logo guide, in the Guideline the fourth page is mentioned there on October 25, 2018.

This means that since that date the old Steem logo is no longer valid, and has used the new logo, as follows:

You can read this information in full at:

Correct Use of the Steem Logo


The Steem logo consists of the Steem symbol and a custom wordmark reading “Steem”. It is important to note that wordmark cannot stand alone without a symbol. While the Steem symbol can stand without a wordmark, and this is the most famous symbol


There are several different adjustments made to the Steem logo, for example when it comes to design, the Steem logo has to match the design.

It is prohibited to edit, modify, distort (draw the image so that it creates a logo warp), rotate or recolor it other than what has been specified in the guide.

A suggested example to use is as follows:


  • Use a font that matches the logo. See the fonts on page 9 in Guidelines 2.0
  • Choose solid version logo if the background is also busy for the gradient version
  • Use dark logos on light backgrounds
  • Use a white logo on a dark background

correct use of the Steem logo and its background media

correct use of the Steem symbol and its background media


  • Using the old Steem logo is prohibited
  • Don’t put the Steem symbol above the wordmark
  • Do not recolor the logo with any color other than the color already set by Steem.


We can only use the 5 colors specified in the Guidelines for the Steem logo, otherwise we shouldn’t.


At its launch in 2016, the Website was launched using the Steem logo which was given the wordmark “steemit” below, as follows:

However, as time went by, Steemit decided to distinguish the Steem logo from the Steemit logo. On November 1, 2017, Steemit announced its new logo: The New Steemit Logo is Here!

Correct Usage of the Steemit Logo

There is no official guide like the Brand Guidelines regarding the Steemit logo, but based on the announcement of the new Steemit logo and information on the FAQ page , we can understand that:

The Steemit mark and logo are protected by intellectual property laws, including copyrights and other proprietary rights in the United States and other countries. Its purpose is to enable Steemit to protect brands and logos in a way that enhances user safety.
One may not make unauthorized commercial use, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform or publicly display the Steemit logo or mark, except as permitted by the fair use doctrine, or as permitted in writing by us.

So the conclusion is, the basic difference between the Steem logo and the Steemit logo lies in the license or license to use it. Where the Steemit logo is protected by IPR Laws, so we may not use it originally without the permission of Steemit. While the Steem logo is licensed under Creative Commons CC0, meaning that you are free to copy, modify, or distribute (even for commercial purposes) without asking for permission or giving attribution to Steem party.

However, yesterday (18/4/2021) when reading @stephenkendal post , the Steemit Team announced that they have allowed the use of the Steem logo for promotional purposes on condition The round Steemit green logo must be accompanied by the words

So if the round green Steemit logo is used it should be accompanied with, and if the 3 wavy blue lines logo is used it should be identified as just Steem. @steemcurator01

That is the important information that I can convey, I hope that steemians who do not understand about the use of this logo can use and differentiate each use of the Steem logo and the Steemit logo.

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